Thursday, October 22, 2009

Man's Best Mutant? The Doctor is IN... SANE!

Ahoy, Crypto Scouts!

I was quite and utterly taken aback when I received a certain picture postcard in the mail receptacle. It would appear that my female sibling has been experimenting on her bulgy-eyed lap warmers and created... ABOMINATIONS.

I was not aware that my sister had moved to a remote island and developed a fondness for genetic engineering and species splicing. I immediately contacted her via the Crypto-Communicator and gave her a piece of my still-reeling (yet, EVER prepared) mind. I was rebuffed. She expeditiously notified me that she is, in fact, disgusted with my "research, if you can call it that" and my "childish ravings" and that I "should get out more". I told her that I was disgusted with her own hobbies ("playing God", cross-stitch, etc)... but especially her casserole (if you can call it that). It'll NEVER be as good as Grandmother's.

She hung up on me.

The only thing left to do is name the poor little bastards.
Say "Well met!" to:

And remember:
"Not to go on all-Fours... THAT is the LAW."
Cryptically Yours,
*The Crypto-Scout


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