Sunday, October 18, 2009

Luck be a Mothman tonight!

Ahoy, Crypto Scouts!

The image you see above is one I was LUCKY enough to capture while taking out the trash. I believe the evidence speaks for itself, but in case you are not familiar with all Beasties (great and small) who inhabit the Cryptid Compendium, it should soon become perfectly clear (especially when I TELL you momentarily) that yours truly had a close encounter with... The Mothman! Why was the terrifying harbinger with his eyes all a'glow lurking around MY garage of all places? Was it trying to warn me of some forthcoming calamity? Could I be in some sort of mortal peril? Are the robots/zombies/apes finally taking over? Will my Crypto-DVR fail to record the new installment of Nickelodeon's The Troop? The reason behind Mothman's presence would reveal itself later that FATEful evening...

After sorting my recycling (a Crypto Scout is ever respectful to the environment), I made my way to the curb, alert and prepared for disaster. And that's where it happened. That is the very place where Disaster reared its whiskered head! Like some sort of 4-legged CAT-astrophe incarnate, the fluffiest and blackest Halloween Cat I had ever seen came gallivanting across my driveway. Knowing what kind of Bad Luck it would mean if I let this trespassing feline cross my path, I dove for the bushes. Forget broken mirrors or walked-under ladders. Mothman paid a visit earlier with his high-beam gaze to WARN me for sure. Had it not have been for the prophetic Mothman's harbingering, I may have been cursed indefinitely by this carousing (and sort of cute in an "Evil Omen" kind of way) Evil Omen. Or at the very least, suffered a SEVERE allergy attack.

It took me quite some time to locate all the empty Mountain Dew cans strewn across my yard, but my Luck was intact for yet one more day. Thanks, Mothman, for the heads up. You're a life/luck-saver! The Crypto-Scout's own personal Guardian Angel. You can harbinge in my direction ANYTIME!

Cryptically yours,
*The Crypto-Scout

Post-script: Fortunately, Crypto-Mutt did not witness the events. Although fearless in the face of the most exotic monsters, he's deathly afraid of felines. A "scaredy cat", as it were.


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